The Mindshare Summit is the #1 Conference
For Health & Wellness Influencers.

Launch a Best Seller.    Leverage Media Exposure.   Double Your Business.  Grow An Audience.  Leave a Legacy.  Change More lives.

The world needs what you have to offer!

Dr Tom O’Bryan
Founder of and host of the paradigm-shifting ‘The Gluten Summit’
Influence • Advocacy • Visibility

You’ve got a message and a mission that changes lives. We want to help you to grow your impact online and offline. At Mindshare Summit, you’ll learn exactly what to do to get your life’s work where it belongs – in the hands of those who need it.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched social media or if you’re already selling online like a pro, you’ll meet experts who can help you take your next big step.

The result was that I could take my passion out into the world and transform thousands of lives from it.”

Workshops • Breakouts • Round Tables

Our training and keynotes are geared to give you actionable takeaways for your business and practice. Whether you want to write a best-selling book, launch a product or find more clients, Mindshare Summit is so interactive that you’ll be able to take what you learn and use it IMMEDIATELY.

“Mindshare gets the voice out for those who have a voice of health and healing that needs to be heard.”

Dr Anna Cabeca
Board Certified Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Regenerative Medicine
Dr Sara Gottfried
NYT Bestselling Author of The Hormone Cure
Personal Growth • Professional Breakthroughs

Most health & wellness practitioners spend significant time with clients or alone doing research. When it comes to breakthroughs in book launches, PBS Specials, product launches or practice growth, Mindshare hand curates the experts who have “been there, done that” so you don’t have to go it alone. You’ll learn exactly what you need from people who’ve accomplished what you want to do. No more guessing. No more internet rabbit holes.

“I’ve implemented everything JJ has taught me and seen my business 10x every year I’ve come to Mindshare.”

Partners • Industry Leaders • Growth Experts

The people you’re looking for are at Mindshare, looking for you. Ever wonder how certain doctors find agents they trust to publish their books?  Or how co-authors come together to collaborate on a new best-seller? Want to know how other experts land a key interview and suddenly find themselves with a year-long publicity calendar?

It starts in this room. Are you coming?

“I speak at up to 20 medical meetings per year, but there’s nothing I’d give up for this because of the connections I make and support I get.”

Dr Steven Masley
Physician, nutritionist, author, speaker and award-winning patient educator

IS Mindshare Summit Right For Me?

Both established and emerging health and wellness entrepreneurs come to Mindshare.

Are you a:

  • Physician
  • Therapist
  • Coach
  • Practitioner
  • Heath/Wellness Entrepreneur

Do you want to:

  • Help More People
  • Discover Your Unique Brand
  • Leverage Your Expertise
  • Shorten the Learning Curve
  • Develop a Dream Team

With Greater:

  • Confidence
  • Free-Time
  • Team Alignment
  • Peer Support
  • Income

Then Mindshare is For You!

Just like it’s been for other Members you’ve come to know, respect and admire, like:


Naturopathic Physician

NY Times best-selling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet


    Naturopathic Physician

    PBS Celebrity, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Bone Broth Diet


      CEO and Author

      Founder of Bulletproof and author of New York Times bestseller Head Strong

        DR TOM O’BRYAN

        Physician, Speaker, Workshop Leader

        Internationally recognized physician and Founder of The Gluten Summit


          Gynecologist, Author

          Author of NY Times Bestsellers The Hormone Cure, The Hormone Reset Diet and Younger


            Clinical Pharmacist, Author

            Author of NY Times Bestsellers The Hashimoto Protocol and The Root Cause


              Clinical Psychologist

              Author of NY Times Bestsellers Better Than Perfect and A Happy You

                DR PEDRAM SHOJAI

                Author, CEO, Urban Monk

                Teacher, Minister and Author of the NY Times Bestseller The Urban Monk

                  Days of Learning

                  Expert Led Workshops

                  Plus Experts and Leaders

                  Learning Opportunities

                  This Year at Mindshare...

                  Uncover,  Monetize, and Activate your

                  noun | growth
                  1. Getting bigger.  2.  Getting better.  3. Expanding.

                  Keynote Speakers for 2018

                  Mindshare will uncover, monetize & activate your influence.
                  We know that the reason you became a health expert is to make a big impact in people’s lives.  We also know that many doctors and health experts are frustrated because they don’t know how to get their expertise out to the world. 
                  That’s why we pick world-renowned experts to share their strategies with you.

                  Dr Mark Hyman

                  Physician, Medical Director, Author

                  Dr. Hyman is the Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and a 10-time, including #1, New York Times bestselling author.

                    Kara Goldin

                    CEO, Founder of Hint

                    In a desperate search to find a non-sugary drink for her children, Kara decided to make her own. From her kitchen, Kara launched Hint, Inc., a healthy alternative drink that has grown into a $90 million business.

                      Bo Eason

                      Former NFL Safety, Playwright, Coach

                      Bo Eason is a former NFL standout, acclaimed Broadway playwright and performer, and international presence/story coach. He has trained with some of the world’s most brilliant performance and movement coaches, logging over 20,000 hours on stage.

                        Brendan Burchard

                        Writer, High Performance Coach

                        “Did I live fully? Did I love openly? Did I make a difference?” Today, Brendon is widely considered the world’s leading high-performance coach (according to both Success Magazine and

                          Speakers for 2018

                          JJ Virgin

                          Founder, Influencer, Author

                          JJ Virgin is a 4-time NY Times best-selling author, CEO of a 7-figure personal brand, and founder of Mindshare, which has launched more NY Times best-sellers, PBS specials & 7-figure brands than any other community. JJ embodies collaboration and teamwork.

                            Karl Krummenacher

                            CEO, Strategist, Investor

                            Karl has served as President, COO & CEO of private & publicly held companies. A lifelong entrepreneur, Karl is currently the CEO of Mindshare Collaborative and provides strategic coaching to members of its elite Mastermind.

                              Chris Smith

                              Entrepreneur, Speaker

                              Chris Smith is an entrepreneur, speaker, brand expert and story strategist. Creator of The Campfire Effect, his brand-building helps people get their story into relatable messaging that inspires teams and moves audiences. His work helps create revenue and customers.

                                Garrett Gunderson

                                Chief Wealth Architect, Author

                                Garrett is Founder and Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory, and New York Times bestselling author of Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity. His work creates huge financial breakthroughs for those who learn from him.

                                  Peter Hoppenfeld

                                  Strategist, Advisor, Attorney-At-Law

                                  Peter Hoppenfeld is recognized as the “go-to” attorney/advisor for some of the best known direct marketers, speakers, authors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. His holistic approach to business reduces exposure to risk and loss.

                                    Lisa Sasevich

                                    CEO, Author, Coach

                                    Lisa Sasevich has taught thousands of entrepreneurs to speak from the stage, create marketable products and programs, and make irresistible offers without being sales-y. Her work helps people monetize their speaking gigs.

                                      Pete Vargas

                                      Founder, Owner, CEO

                                      For 10+ years, Pete Vargas has helped leading authors & experts expand their reach and audience through speaking. A connector, supporter and influencer, Pete's work helps experts and authors get in front of audiences to amplify their impact.

                                        Brad Martineau

                                        Chief Baller

                                        Helping Entrepreneurs Build Better Client Journeys Through Automation. With over 14 years of building successful small businesses, Brad's specialty is simplifying the complex and bridging the gap between theory and execution.

                                          David Bayer

                                          Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Coach

                                          David is creator of The Powerful Living Experience and was named a leading expert on mindset & business by Inc. David helps knowledge-based entrepreneurs built highly profitable businesses and industry leading brands while spending 90% of their time doing what they love.

                                            Chandler Bolt

                                            Founder, CEO Self Publishing School

                                            Chandler is the author of 6 bestselling books including “Book Launch” and his most recent book titled “Published.” He’s also the founder & CEO of Self Publishing School, the #1 online resource for writing your first book.

                                              Chris Winfield

                                              Marketer, Speaker, Writer, Coach

                                              Over the past decade and a half, Chris has worked with many of the world’s best known companies; some of these include Disney, Virgin, Macy’s, Viacom, Conde Nast, Intuit, NBC, Time, Inc. and many others.

                                                Celeste Fine

                                                Literary Agent

                                                Celeste Fine is the literary agent for dozens of top NY Times best sellers and household-name stars in the health and wellness space. Celeste has garnered her clients more 6-figure book advances than anyone else in the industry.

                                                  Nicholas Kusmich

                                                  Speaker, Consultant, Advertising

                                                  Nicholas Kusmich is a speaker, a strategic consultant, and the leading authority on Facebook and Social Marketing. He helps businesses scale revenue by using Facebook Advertising. His work helps practitioners create breakthrough campaign ROIs.

                                                    Amber Spears

                                                    Co-Founder, East 5th Avenue

                                                    Amber is an experienced sales professional, entrepreneur, and Internet marketing expert who specializes in helping companies develop, implement, and optimize their sales and online marketing strategies. 

                                                      Harry Massey

                                                      Founder, NES Health

                                                      Harry Massey is a writer, director, entrepreneur, and visionary. Harry also founded the Choice Point Foundation to bring his vision for transforming the world to the general public.

                                                        Seth Spears
                                                        Katie Wells

                                                        CEOs, Spears Mktg/Wellness Mama

                                                        This powerhouse couple shares their significant success stories and strategies for helping bloggers and small business owners attract new customers using online marketing.

                                                          Stephen Ezell

                                                          CEO, Member Boxes

                                                          Stephen is the CEO of Member Boxes. He’s a passionate entrepreneur, philanthropist, and sustainable living enthusiast.

                                                            Dr Joseph Antoun

                                                            Founder, Physician, Professor

                                                            Joseph Antoun is the CEO of Health Systems Reform, a boutique consultancy aimed at improving public health through reforming health systems, strengthening healthcare management and improving healthcare delivery.

                                                              Sage Lavine

                                                              CEO, Women Rocking Business

                                                              Sage Lavine is the #1 Best-Selling Author, CEO of Women Rocking Business, reaching over 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the globe, inspiring women using game-changing tribe building techniques.

                                                                Ocean Robbins

                                                                CEO, Food Revolution Network

                                                                Ocean is author of several books and speaks widely, spreading a message of hope and inspiration to members of conferences, companies and organizations.

                                                                  Reid Tracy

                                                                  President and CEO of Hay House, Inc.

                                                                  Acquiring hundreds of prominent authors over the years, Reid has played a crucial role in the strategic development of authors such as Wayne Dyer, Christiane Northrup, Jerry and Esther Hicks, and Doreen Virtue.

                                                                    Peter Wasowski

                                                                    Founder and CEO, Vasper Systems

                                                                    Peter Z. Wasowski is the Founder and CEO of Vasper Systems. Peter has 48 years of experience in the field of medical technology and vascular health. As Manager Clinical Development for GE Medical Systems he has worked all over the world.

                                                                      Todd White

                                                                      Founder, Dry Farm Wines

                                                                      Health Evangelist. Fanatical biohacker. Wears the same uniform every day. Starts every morning with 40 minutes of meditation.

                                                                        Pat Quinn

                                                                        Host, Amazing Presenters Conference

                                                                        A former professional magician, brainer researcher, high school teacher, Pat has consulted with Professional Speakers, Pastors and Business Leaders to help them improve their presenting skills and more effectively deliver their messages.

                                                                          We Call It MindSHARE for a Reason

                                                                          Mindshare’s culture is about collaboration. Not competition.

                                                                          Mindshare is the ONLY place you can grow your business without worrying about:

                                                                          –  What everyone else thinks of you
                                                                          –  Whether or not you’re “doing it right”
                                                                          –  Whether or not you know enough

                                                                          Mindshare isn’t about collecting business cards and sitting through lectures next to people you’ll never speak to again.

                                                                          It’s about genuinely connecting, giving back, celebrating each other’s victories, and paying it forward.  We know that relationships with other ambitious people are the key to experiencing major breakthroughs in your business.

                                                                          Dr. Alan Christianson

                                                                          NYT Bestselling Author of The Adrenal Reset Diet

                                                                          The 1st Summit By Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs
                                                                          For Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

                                                                          How “They” Did It

                                                                          Accomplished Mindshare members share “how they did it” so you can get “there” faster. Whether you want to launch a funnel, attract national press, appear on prime time TV or to publish a book, peer shares let you skip the guesswork and know what’s working from those who’ve already figured it out.

                                                                          Real Time Trends

                                                                          Groundbreaking research. Dramatic business results. Client breakthroughs. You’ll learn which industry trends will make the difference AND how to implement them in a cost-effective way from our Keynotes and industry leaders.

                                                                          Your Qs. Our As.

                                                                          Ready to write your first book? Want to know how to hit the bestseller list? New to online marketing? Launching a product or supplement line? During our hotseat and breakout sessions the best minds in the industry will get to work on YOUR business WITH you, leaving you with a clear plan to achieve your goals.

                                                                          Your Food Needs. Met.

                                                                          We feature delicious food for all special diets – Paleo to Vegan and everything in between. Start your day with a delicious protein shake in the morning. Then enjoy sustainably raised seafood from Vital Choice, as well as free-range chicken, grass-fed beef and organic vegetables. Need a boost? We’ve got you covered with Bulletproof Coffee. For once, you don’t have to worry about the food. Welcome home.

                                                                          The Best Way to Make New Business Connections?
                                                                          Make New Friends!

                                                                          Our theme parties are legendary — a place where introverts can be themselves, together.

                                                                          Your Achievements Deserve Recognition!

                                                                          The Mindshare Community recognizes members’ dedication and exceptional outcomes at our awards gala!
                                                                          This evening is the time to celebrate and get inspired by those who are doing the extraordinary.

                                                                          New? Apply to Attend Mindshare Summit Now!

                                                                          Mindshare Summit is by invitation only.  Participation is limited to health & wellness entrepreneurs, practitioners, their teams and the businesses who serve them. Qualified? Complete our 3 minute application to join us.

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                                                                          • All-Access Conference Pass
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                                                                          what people say

                                                                          “Between family time, staying fit, growing my clinics, writing books, and training doctors internationally, my time is precious. Each year I strategically choose which events I will participate in. My highest priority events every year are JJ Virgin’s Mindshare Summits…If you are a health-focused entrepreneur, there are no greater opportunities that I’m aware of for networking with amazing peers and learning the latest best practices.”
                                                                          ALAN CHRISTIANSON, MDFounder of
                                                                          “The Mindshare Summit is a mastermind unlike any other… It is a mastermind in the true sense of the word as discussed in Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich. The fact that this event is focused on healthcare practitioners only makes it even more valuable because our connections result in amazing joint venture opportunities. Thanks so much to JJ Virgin for creating the Mindshare Summit.”
                                                                          JENNIFER LANDA, MDChief Medical Officer, Body Logic MD
                                                                          7:00 am
                                                                          Bulletproof Coffee | Protein Shakes | Healthy Choices

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          Start your day right in the Lobby of the Aragon Ballroom. Bulletproof Coffee (with butter and MCT Oils); Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free Protein Shakes made with your Almond or Cashew Milk and your choice of healthy additions (greens, boosts). The perfect way to start every day. Looking for more traditional fair, or interested in topics covered by our sponsors?

                                                                          Mindshare Team

                                                                          Location: Aragon Foyer

                                                                          Mindshare Team

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          JJ Virgin & Karl Krummenacher

                                                                          Location: Aragon Foyer

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          Kara Goldin

                                                                          Location: Aragon Foyer

                                                                          Location: Catalina Ballroom

                                                                          Nick Sonnenberg

                                                                          Location: Aragon Foyer

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          JJ Virgin, Karl Krummenacher & Garrett Gunderson
                                                                          5:15 pm

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          7:00 am
                                                                          Bulletproof Coffee | Protein Shakes | Healthy Choices

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          Start your day right in the Lobby of the Aragon Ballroom. Bulletproof Coffee (with butter and MCT Oils); Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free Protein Shakes made with your Almond or Cashew Milk and your choice of healthy additions (greens, boosts). The perfect way to start every day. Looking for more traditional fair, or interested in topics covered by our sponsors?

                                                                          Location: Granada Ballroom

                                                                          Nicholas Kusmich

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          Bo Eason

                                                                          Location: Aragon Foyer

                                                                          Location: Aragon Lawn

                                                                          Mindshare Team

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          Karl Krummenacher & Selected Invitees

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          7:00 am
                                                                          Bulletproof Coffee | Protein Shakes | Healthy Choices

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          Start your day right in the Lobby of the Aragon Ballroom. Bulletproof Coffee (with butter and MCT Oils); Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free Protein Shakes made with your Almond or Cashew Milk and your choice of healthy additions (greens, boosts). The perfect way to start every day. Looking for more traditional fair, or interested in topics covered by our sponsors?

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          JJ Virgin & Karl Krummenacher

                                                                          Location: Aragon Foyer

                                                                          Location: Aragon Ballroom

                                                                          Brendon Burchard

                                                                          Location: Aragon Foyer

                                                                          Brendon Burchard

                                                                          Location: Bernardo Pool

                                                                          You’ll be hard pressed to ever eat, play or sleep this well while growing your business!

                                                                          And if all that wasn’t enough,
                                                                          all of this is completely tax deductible!

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                                                                          Our sponsors provide free training & coaching in addition to member exclusive offers .
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                                                                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                          Are meals included with my ticket?

                                                                          Not just any meals, but your breakfast (a wide variety of delicious protein shakes from our sponsor, Designs for Health), a chef prepared lunch and full dinner for Friday and Saturday are included, along with shakes on Sunday. Whether your diet is gluten-free, dairy-free or pescatarian, you’ll find high quality, delicious meals to enjoy during your stay.

                                                                          Can I bring others?

                                                                          Team tickets are provided to existing full-price ticket holders who wish to bring staff, equity partners or spouses. Colleagues, friends, JV partners or other individuals who are not full-time employees of the primary ticket holder are not eligible for team tickets. Vendors, sub-contractors, VA’s do not qualify for Team Member tickets. Willful violation of this policy will result in removal from the Mindshare Community.

                                                                          What is the dress code for each day?

                                                                          During the conference days, you should wear whatever you are comfortable in. Most of our community wear business casual.  Friday night, it’s our Legends, Icons and Stars Party! We will be rolling out the red carpet complete with paparazzi.  Saturday is our Awards Gala. Some members go all out – with ball gowns and tuxedos,  while others are equally comfortable in dresses or suits. Bring your swimsuit (don’t be shy, we’re all friends) for the epic pool party and pool volleyball on Sunday. (More deals are done pool-side than anywhere else.)

                                                                          I'm shy and not comfortable networking... help!

                                                                          Believe it or not, many visionaries and entrepreneurs are introverts. We get you! That’s why we’ve built Mindshare from the ground so that making new, meaningful connections is easier. Seating is assigned each day (to promote introductions to your peers), and we schedule exercises throughout the summit to promote collaboration. You’ll leave with more friends who get you, appreciate you and are looking forward to working with you.

                                                                          Where is the Summit?

                                                                          Mindshare Summit 2018 will be held at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, CA.

                                                                          How do I purchase tickets?

                                                                          Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs can become part of the Mindshare Collaborative (our community) with a short application (painless, just to keep our community a zero pitch zone). Once you’re in, you can purchase a ticket. If you are an alumni, filling out our form will send you a link to purchase the ticket. If you’re new, filling out the form will send you a short application.  Once approved (typically 1-2 business days), you’ll get a link to purchase tickets.

                                                                          Is there a conference discount for the resort hotel?

                                                                          Yes. Once you secure your ticket, we’ll send a link to book your rooms at our discounted price. (But don’t wait, rooms typically sell out quickly.)

                                                                          What is your refund / cancellation policy?

                                                                          Mindshare offers a full, money back guarantee. Show up on time and participate, and if after the first day you don’t feel Mindshare was worth it, simply let our staff know and we will refund the price you paid for your conference ticket.

                                                                          If, for any reason you need to cancel more than 30 days prior to the Mindshare Summit, we will refund your purchase price less 10% administration fee.

                                                                          Cancel 15-30 days prior to the event, we will defer your attendance to the following year’s Mindshare Summit.  This is a one-time only deferral.

                                                                          Cancel within 14 days of the event and there are no refunds or deferments.

                                                                          You must cancel in writing by emailing [email protected].

                                                                          Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

                                                                          Transfer of a full price or partner ticket 30 or more days before the event will incur a transfer fee of $200.

                                                                          A transfer 14-30 days will incur a $350 transfer fee.

                                                                          No ticket may be transferred less than 14 days prior to the event.

                                                                          Can I make payments?

                                                                          Yes! You can divide your payments by the number of months left before the Summit. The order form is automatically updated to reflect the current payment options. (Buy your tickets sooner for lower payments.)

                                                                          What is the closest airport?

                                                                          The closest airport is San Diego International Airport, and is less than 45 minutes away by cab or Uber during normal traffic.