Lisa Nichols Keynote Headliner at Mindshare Leadership Summit

 Lisa Nichols Keynote Headliner at Mindshare Leadership Summit

This year at the Mindshare Leadership Summit, we got one of the most requested motivational speakers of our time – Lisa Nichols! She has reached over 80 million people with her motivational messages and inspires people every day to tap into their power and their potential.

Lisa is going to be exactly what we all need in the middle of this pandemic. All of us are at a different point, and have dealt with this little hiccup differently. Some of us are thriving – we’ve taken the time to get our lives together, work out, eat better, and brought our businesses to new heights! Some of us… have not done that. The turbulence, anxiety and uncertainty of this time set us back a little bit. Maybe you’re somewhere in between. No matter where you are right now, there is no doubt that you will walk away from Lisa’s Keynote feeling more motivated and better than ever!

Change your thoughts to change your life. 

– Lisa Nichols

Lisa has been an expert at motivating people for years. Look forward to her time with us, as she brings forward your most positive attributes and characteristics. Each person has something intrinsically good about them that will bring positivity into the world around them – identifying that and using it to alter your state will bring that same energy into the world around you. Positive things will surely come your way. 

Positivity isn’t the only the key to success though – as I’m sure we all already know! Part of Lisa’s core personality is about taking accountability for ourselves, and our actions. That accountability will create a more authentic self, which will have a resounding impact on ourselves and the lives we have created around ourselves. 

Walk away from her keynote to an amazing weekend full of impact! She will be one of many breakthroughs this weekend, so be sure to hold onto that momentum, and go do amazing things!

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