Session Recording
Tips and Tricks

As you prepare to record your session for Mindshare Summit 2020, please review these tips and tricks for a well produced segment that you are proud of. Once you are done recording please submit your file to the Mindshare Team through the link that was emailed to you.


  • Choose a background with some depth, rather than sitting against a wall*
  • Make sure your background has few distractions and as little clutter as possible
  • Frame yourself from the torso up with some breathing room (just a little) between your head and the top of the frame

*If you’re practiced at this and have a green screen set up, that’s fine, too!

Camera Set Up

  • Use a professional or prosumer camera if possible  
  • If you’re using an iPhone, please make sure it’s set to record @ 1080p @30fps in Settings/Camera/Record Video 
  • Turn your phone horizontally when recording
  • Use a tripod or solid surface to hold your camera or iPhone, rather than having an assistant hold the camera for you
  • Place the camera at – or only slightly above – eye level
  • Do a brief test recording to evaluate focus, framing and background


  • Use a high quality microphone (not the camera’s mic) if possible
  • If you don’t have a high quality mic, choose a quiet environment with little chance of interruption
  • Deliver your message in your normal speaking volume
  • Do a brief test recording to ensure you’re close enough to the microphone to be heard clearly


  • Use a ring light, sunlight or a lamp to light your face evenly
  • Careful not to have your face too close to your light source (it will create ‘hot spots’)
  • Avoid overhead lighting if possible 
  • Don’t sit with your back to a window

Presentation Tips

  • Wear solid colors, though preferably not black or white, and avoid heavy patterns 
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!
  • Give your presentation directly into the camera, without glancing away often
  • Keep it interesting by varying your tone and pace, and don’t forget to bring the enthusiasm!
We’re available to help! If you’d like to talk through your set up, need assistance while you’re recording or even support figuring out how to get the video to us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Want to buy equipment but don’t know what to buy or how to set it up? Click the button below to get Karl’s recommended list of equipment and set up.

Still need help?  Contact us at [email protected]