SIG Lunch Leader

Thank you for offering to be a Special Interest Group lunch table leader!

You are the “host” & your job is to welcome your peers to your table and guide the conversation.  Here is what you need to know to have a great experience:

  1. Welcome everyone as they come over AND if your table happens to fill and there are more people for that topic ask for a volunteer to lead another table on the subject.  There will be MS Team wandering around to assist as well and some open tables nearby for this purpose.
  2. You are the host/table leader & your job is to guide the conversation.  You are amongst your peers and your job is to help create great connection and conversation, not promote your product / service or brand.
  3. If your table is smaller and wants to merge with a like minded table next door (ie women’s hormones, detox etc) go for it! Be sure to wait at least 15 minutes from the start of lunch to ensure everyone has found their way to your table.
  4. Here are some questions for inspiration: 
  • Introductions
  • What is working for you?
  • What you need help with? 
  • What you can help with?
  • How can we elevate the field together ?
  • How can we all increase our impact together? 
  • What can we do to support each other 
  • How can we collaborate together?