Special Interest Group Meals

Thank you for offering to be a Special Interest Group table leader! 
You’re the host and you’ll welcome your peers to your table and guide the conversation. 

Here’s what you need to know to have a great experience:

  1. Welcome everyone as they join the room.
  2. Help create and facilitate great connection and conversation
  3. Be sure to wait at least 10 minutes from the start of the meal to ensure everyone has found their way to your room.
  4. Here are some questions for inspiration, after introductions


  • Can you share at least one way you’ve adapted to recent changes?
  • What you need help with?
  • Is there something that used to work but in these changing times is no longer working?
  • Are there ways you can help others adapt?
  • How can we elevate the field together?
  • How can we all increase our impact together?
  • What can we do to support each other?
  • How can we collaborate?