Angela Tennison

Leadership Development Coach

As a passionate Executive Leader and Leadership Development Coach, Angela Tennison rescues underperforming teams by liberating them from misconstrued expectations, assessing leadership gaps, and designing organizational coaching programs that offer practical exercises and processes for bringing teams together and elevating collective trust, collaboration, & performance. She builds instant relatability by ensuring each individual on a team feels seen and heard, then infuses humor to disarm, asks pivotal questions and provides candid feedback. Angela is sought after as a leadership coach because her methods are action-oriented, immediately applicable and highly effective, no doubt because she honed her own leadership skills at the highest level, The White House.

Angela worked on the 2008 Obama presidential campaign, which led to an invitation to serve in the administration for 7 years. She became the first African-American woman White House usher, and served as a Senior Manager in the White House Executive Residence. She concluded her political appointment as the first and only Leadership Development Director at the Department of Education. Having earned an M.A. in Education & Human Development, an MBA & B.A. in Finance, and 2 coaching certifications through ICF & High Performance Institute, Angela brings a powerful arsenal of strategic & innovative ideas garnered from nearly two decades of diverse experience across corporate, government, political & entrepreneurial sectors.