Dr. Isaac Jones

CoFounder of Elevays and Health Experts Alliance

Known as “the doctor of the future”, Dr. Jones is the world’s leading expert in high-performance concierge healthcare. As a successful entrepreneur and owner of 3 different companies, he is a trusted advisor and high-performance consultant to CEO’s and leading entrepreneurs around the world. He graduated from the most prestigious health and wellness doctorate program in America (Life University) and has invested over $250,000.00 on advanced lab tests, health retreats, educational seminars and cutting-edge health certifications to help his clients gain an unfair competitive advantage. His company Designer Health Centers has received a certification from the United Nations for its “Excellence in Healthcare” for the work Dr. Jones did for the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia. He participates in a private “future of healthcare” mastermind with a small group of global thought leaders such as Sanjay Gupta MD and Jeff Arnold CEO of Sharecare.com who sold WebMD for $7.6 billion.

Dr. Jones now does customized concierge high performance health consulting with people around the world, holds luxury health retreats in some of the worlds most exotic locations and conducts seminars across Asia, Europe and North America to help people quickly integrate these advanced solutions. Becuase of the results he’s seen in his own transformation and the 1000’s of people he works with globally, he knows it’s possible for you to access high performance or what he calls becoming “superhuman”.