Dr. Reef Karim

Neuroscientist and Performing Artist

Reef Karim’s mission is to awaken our MAD GENIUS; the most original, creative and courageous state within us. As a humanistic psychiatrist and award winning performing artist, Reef blends our existential soulful expression with the science of audience engagement, the psychology of overcoming resistance and blocks, and insider techniques from the entertainment industry, to help experts turn their presentations into powerful performances for social media, podcasts, stages, and television.

Reef awakened his own Mad Genius to discover the Theory of Madness, build his company Madness Inc., and design innovative solutions to shift human pathology into human potential. As a result of his work in mental health, neuroscience, and human performance, Reef has been interviewed by Oprah, Larry King, Deepak Chopra, Anderson Cooper, and many others, and his work has been profiled in Time, Forbes, Business Insider, and Oprah.com.  Because he has the rare background of academic scientist and talented performer, Reef has been named one of LA’s Most Fascinating People and one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive (hey, smart is sexy!)