Angela Lauria

Entrepreneur, Author

    Angela Lauria graduated from George Washington University with an undergraduate degree in Journalism as well as MA in Media & Public Affairs, and later became a film professor at the school. She also holds a PhD in communications from the European Graduate School.

    Angela helps life coaches and entrepreneurs to write, publish and promote their books. Her authors earn an average of $20-50K per month per book within 30 days of publishing.

    The Author Incubator supports Life Coaches, Reiki practitioners, EFT practitioners, Law of Attraction coaches, healers, spiritual readers, therapists, nutritionists, yoga teachers, body workers, and other entrepreneurs who want a career as a coach, consultant or professional speaker.

    Most non-fiction authors swing between trying to do everything themselves from writing their book, to publishing it and marketing it – to begging and praying for a traditional publisher to take their problems away and do everything for them. The Author Incubator is a one-stop shop for authors-in-transformation so they know they have all the resources to get the right book written quickly and well without having to source service providers or saviors.

    Her clients call her Mercilessly-helpful. This is why all of her Authors-in-transformation complete their books. Ask other book coaches how many of their authors finish their books. Most book coaches feed off of people’s natural tendency to procrastinate and get stuck with writer’s block on their book. The Author Incubator’s system nearly guarantees you will finish you book – not just talk about it.

    Many author funded publishers and book coaches work on a model where they sell their services and count on the fact most people talk about writing a book but never get around to writing it. Angela’s program is only for people who are 100% committed to finishing their book, not just talking about it.

    Angela has been involved in writing and publishing since 1994.

    She’s written over 2 dozen books and published almost 1,000.

    She’s interviewed over 700 non-fiction authors about how they finished their books.

    She has authors who have been featured in Oprah Magazine, The O Network, MSNBC, Fox & Friends, The Today Show, Modern Bride, Parents Magazine and dozens of other Local and National Media outlets.