Jared Yellin

Entrepreneur, Speaker

    Motivated by creating a lasting impact in the world, Jared Yellin is the ultimate entrepreneur. After his parents divorced when he was 5 years old, the vision to create FREEDOM for himself and for everyone in his life became his catalyst. He ultimately achieved this accomplishment through launching a variety of companies including a reverse mortgage platform, a personal training business, a health and wellness franchise, and even traveling as a motivational speaker.

    Dedicated to his passion for creating freedom for others, Jared founded SYNDUIT from his two-bedroom apartment. Driven to take his success a step further, he turned to his girlfriend (now his wife) and profoundly stated, “I will solve a marketing challenge for 1 million businesses.”

    At the time, this vision seemed rather far-fetched to many, but nothing remains out of reach for Jared when he is clear on his mission. Through grit and determination, he has been able to launch a multi-million dollar software platform while growing an exceptional team of entrepreneurs at SYNDUIT without any outside capital.

    The SYNDUIT Mission…

    Unite 1 Million Changemaker Entrepreneurs So That TOGETHER We Can Help Create Freedom For 1 Billion People From Around The World

    While being an entrepreneur is in his blood, Jared also invests a significant amount of time into his relationship with his soul-mate, Lindsay, his daughter and their future son who is coming in October 2018. Together, they are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and are always seeking out the latest personal development programs.