Karl Krummenacher

CEO, Strategist, Investor

    Wellness and nutrition has played some part of my life for the last 20 years. Today, I’m the CEO of Mindshare Collaborative, focused on supporting health and wellness entrepreneurs.  I was co-founder of Wellness Media Group, a company specializing in digital marketing solutions for health experts. I also created the Your Best Life Podcast and am an investor in select wellness focused companies.

    When I’m not interviewing an expert in health and wellness for a podcast, working on content or app strategies to support health and wellness entrepreneurs, I like writing (I’m working on two books) and guest lecturing at B-Schools on the joys and perils of entrepreneurship.

    I love all things marketing and business automation / systems; anything automotive (especially 67-68 Cameros) photography and flying. If things work out as planned – I hope to make my last business an expedition service that flies people passionate about wellness to a retreat via my very own float-plane service.

    I’ve enjoyed successful engagements as CEO, COO, President, Director of Product Development in early stage ventures and established private and public companies, responsible for a variety of business functions including:

    – Direct Marketing
    – Online Lead Generation
    – Marketing Funnel Planning & Development
    – Product Integration, Positioning
    – New Business Development
    – Business Process Improvement
    – Team Development
    – Debt Structuring, Leveraged Partnerships, Equity Funding
    – Public Relations, Marketing Communications
    – Strategic Assessment and Planning

    I’ve also hit speed-bumps, learned valuable lessons in leadership, and love teaching entrepreneurs how to manage risks, grow intentional, sustainable businesses and stay healthy, happy and engaged every day.