Taylor Conroy

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Activist

    Taylor Conroy is a 4-time TEDx speaker who has now helped over 200 people to land their own TEDx talks. His first TEDx talk ‘How To Build A School In 3 Hours’ led to the building of 500 schools, libraries, water projects and more in 14 developing countries for 200,000 people. That talk also launched his speaking career. Taylor has spoken to 150,000 people on 4 continents, telling his inspiring and engaging audiences at Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, the United Nations, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Google, Pfizer, Disney, and Lululemon.
    Taylor and his company ‘The Idea Collective’ help entrepreneurs, health practitioners, and coaches land their own TEDx talks in an effort to shift humanity though reinventing health, business, and personal development. They have a 100% success rate landing TEDx talks and have created multiple viral talks that have led to millions of views, hundreds of paid speaking engagements, solidified authority and credibility, and meaningful impact throughout the world.