The Importance of Connection in Overall Health

 The Importance of Connection in Overall Health

I think that many of us are craving some connection right about now. Having been cooped up in our homes with the same people (or lack of people) for months. It’s understandable! Connection is important. Human-to-human interaction has been shown to lower depression and anxiety, improve immune systems, and help to regulate our emotions. After all, it’s in our nature as human beings! We were evolved to thrive in collaborative environments, being able to help and support each other – right alongside each other. While some may need different kinds or different amounts of interaction, the feeling of being connected is integral to our overall health outcomes.

It’s important in times like these to be empathetic and understanding towards each other, which is why here at mindshare our team is working hard to make sure that you will have an amazing, meaningful, and connecting experience at our upcoming Summit – no matter where you are. We are dedicated to creating an environment to build successful relationships that will last long past this exciting and motivating weekend – because we are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal health and success.

A rising tide lifts all boats 

– John F Kennedy

In the meanwhile, now would be a good time to pick up the phone and hit up a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile! Take a moment to walk into the next room, and tell your family how much they mean to you. Take your hands off the keyboard for a moment, and appreciate the moment as it is, taking in your environment, how you feel, and savoring being alive.

The Connection Bench was an integral tool to help introverts find a connection with others.

Just because things are difficult doesn’t mean we also can’t take the opportunity to do something good with our time and with our lives – learning a skill, finally setting aside time to meditate, or taking the little steps needed to doing that thing you’ve been procrastinating on for forever. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming Summit, whether you’re here virtually, or otherwise!

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